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Warning Signs of Too Much Debt

A longstanding rule of thumb holds that monthly payments on debts (not including a home mortgage, which is really more of an investment) shouldn’t exceed 20 percent of take-home pay. The closer you get to that 20 percent ceiling, the greater your risk of over-indebtedness. Rules of thumb can be useful, but don’t count on

Who Doesn’t Like a New Pair of Shoes?

No matter what activity you participate in – puttering in your garden, attending a power meeting, heading out for a night on the town – you go to your closet and pick the right pair of shoes. Sometimes it doesn’t matter which pair you choose, you grab a pair and head out the door. But

What to Do When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

Most taxpayers probably think asking the IRS for a loan is about as smart as going to a neighborhood loan shark. But, think again. If you, or your kids, find yourself in the unenviable position of being unable to pay what owe with your yearly tax return, going on the government’s installment plan might be

How to Pick a Financial Planner

It’s not always easy to take a dispassionate view of your own financial situation and decide on the proper mix of insurance, investments and the like. A good stockbroker can help. But if you’d like someone to make broader-based investment recommendations based on extensive knowledge of your financial situation, you may be in the market

Today is National Goof Off Day

That’s right, we have a legitimate reason to break our routine, be silly and procrastinate. For one day, avoid the “musts” and “shoulds” of your life and give yourself permission to play. It’s good for you. Really. It’s widely accepted that goofing off can relieve stress, increase productivity and improve our normal activities. Your rejuvenation

Get Back on Your Bike

To those who fell in love with bicycles as children in the ‘50s and ‘60s, there were two types of bikes: boys’ and girls’. It was easy to speak knowledgeably of the differences. Now, all these years later, many are rediscovering their love for bicycles. But, if you’ve visited a bike shop recently you’ve no

5 Secrets to a Successful Retirement

Look up retire in the dictionary and here’s what you’ll find: “To retreat from action or danger. To withdraw for privacy, to recede. To conclude a career.” Retreat, recede, conclude are not words in Priscilla Jackman’s vocabulary. In 2008, she retired from a 33-year teaching career in the Steel Valley school district, outside Pittsburgh, and immediately returned to

Ladder Your Money

One of the best ways to maintain the liquidity of your savings, boost yield and protect yourself against rapid rate changes is to stagger the maturity dates of your CDs. Sometimes called “laddering,” staggering maturities is really a form of diversification. You spread your money over several different maturities: say, one-fourth of your CD funds

Take a Financial Inventory

If you’re on top of your regular income and outgo, then maybe you can safely skip this article. But if you’re barely making it from payday to payday or have the distinct feeling that you’re treading water while others swim merrily by, then here is where you’ll find the means to get moving. One thing

Confused About President’s Day?

In the late 1960s, Congress proposed the Uniform Monday Holiday Act intended to move some federal holidays from their specific dates to pre-determined Mondays. This shifted the observance of George Washington’s birthday from February 22 to the third Monday of the month. The bill also contained a provision to combine the birthday celebrations of Washington

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