Fire Prevention Week 2015

Fire Prevention Week 2015 is October 4th – 10th. Stop by our Rincon office and pick up a fire safety coloring book or pencil – they are a great way to start a conversation with your children about fire safety.

Spending just a few minutes reviewing the basic fire safety with your kids can make all the difference. Talk about what to do if they find matches or a lighter. Practice Stop, Drop, and Roll. Have them help test the smoke alarms, and then discuss what that alarm means if they hear it. Have you developed a planned escape route and safe meeting place for your home? Get the whole family involved, and then practice! Click here for a printable grid to get started.

FEMA has developed a Sesame Street Fire Safety program for young children. Familiar favorites help you teach your child how to be safe, while offering great tips and suggestions for mom and dad, too. For a printable Family Guide, click here. has developed a mobile app for kids grades PreK-2, and an eBook for grades 3-5. Interactive stories like The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms and Sparky’s Birthday Surprise make learning fun. Games like Sparky’s Match Game keep youngsters interested, while older kids can read about Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Science Facts. Click here to read more, and to download the app or eBook.

Adults can also use an occasional reminder when it comes to fire safety at home. Make sure your smoke alarms are working, and replace batteries if needed. Purchase fire extinguishers to keep in the kitchen and garage. Use caution when cooking with grease or oils, and know what to do if a fire does start. Fire prevention is just that – preventing the loss of life and property to fire.

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Help make Fire Prevention Week 2015 a success – and protect your home and family.

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